Signature Cells Process: High-potency cells for more effective treatment.



Promising results:

New research suggests potential to reduce symptoms with few adverse effects
Patients report clearer focus and attention 

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Heal from physical brain injuries

Alleviate symptoms of TBI and CTE

A sudden traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be devastating, leaving patients profoundly disabled — with poor memory, inability to focus, and lack of motor function. 

Other brain injuries such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) emerge more gradually, the result of multiple traumas or concussions sustained over many years.

In many cases, brain injuries can lead to harmful neuroinflammation and inflammation throughout the body.

But research shows that perinatal regenerative cells from umbilical cords secrete factors that can reduce inflammation as well as balance the body’s immune response to help promote healing.

This is why cell therapy with our Signature Cells can help patients with brain injuries:

•    Improve memory, focus, and sensory perception
•    Reduce or eliminate chronic pain
•    Relieve physical symptoms and enhance range of motion
•    Enhance cognitive function

Cell therapy can help promote healing by amplifying our body’s natural ability to fight disease, reduce inflammation, and regenerate damaged tissues.

And although research studies have not yet resulted in any conclusive findings, some scientists believe that in some patients, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be the result of a brain injury in addition to psychological trauma. Although more research is needed, cell therapy may be helpful to those who suffer from PTSD in addition to psychotherapy and medications.

Discover how cell therapy can help improve mental function, enhance mood, increase stamina, and help you enjoy a better life.

Treatments available for:

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)

Other physical brain injuries and neurological disorders

Advanced cell therapies:

Discover how a personalized cell therapy program designed for you in consultation with our experts can help

Promote healing of damaged brain tissues

Reduce inflammation in the brain and throughout the body

Extend range of motion and cognitive function

Alleviate chronic pain

Modulate the immune system

Boost energy and vitality

Find out if cell therapy is right for you.

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UFC Heavyweight Champion
UFC Hall of Fame

“BioXcellerator stem cell therapy transformed my life.” 

“As a result of fighting most of my life, I’ve had nagging injuries and pain in my knees, shoulders, back, neck. After BioXcellerator stem cell therapy, the pain in my shoulder has been dramatically reduced. The pain in my left knee is gone and the range of motion has improved. My back and neck pain are gone. I’m 50 now; my energy wasn’t what it was even just 5 years ago. Since treatment, my energy levels have increased. I feel great. I am back in the gym, training more, doing more with my kids. I cannot thank you guys enough.”

mark may.jpg


Former NFL Player

2-time Super Bowl Champion

“It’s only been a day, but my neck feels better.  Last night was the first night that I slept in one place in many years.”


”A month since stem cell treatment, my knees, my back, shoulders, my hips all feel better. I am back to swimming and working out.” 

jim mcmahon.jpg


Former NFL Quarterback

Super Bowl Champion

“BioXcellerator has given me my life back, the results are truly miraculous." 


"After 7 months, my knees feel good. I’m able to work out again without pain on the next day. I highly recommend it to all my buddies and other athletes. I hope they all end up going down to BioXcellerator in Medellin. It’s a beautiful city.”

World leader in cell therapy and research

Backed by more than 20 years of clinically based cell science and research by organizations worldwide, BioXcellerator has successfully treated patients for sports and orthopedic injuries, spine and disc conditions as well as autoimmune and degenerative diseases.

Remarkable results from our Signature Cells process has brought many professional athletes, NFL and NBA players, UFC fighters, and elite performers to our state-of-the-art treatment center for these life-enhancing therapies and treatments for TBI and CTE

Image by Sam Moqadam

The most potent stem cells for the most effective treatment

Our advanced protocols include a rigorous selection process to culture the most potent stem cells. These Golden Cells™ — mesenchymal stem cells from Wharton’s Jelly in donated umbilical cords — are carefully screened and purified to ensure you receive infusions of millions of high-quality cells with:

  • The highest level of anti-inflammatory properties

  • The best potential to modulate your immune system

  • Superior regeneration and healing ability

Golden Cells work more quickly and effectively to alleviate pain, heal more quickly, repair damaged tissue, and reduce inflammation.

Stem-Cells (2).jpg

How stem cells work

to treat TBI, CTE and PTSD

Reducing neuroinflammation and creating an optimal environment for the brain to heal itself.


When cells in the brain or throughout the body die or become damaged, your body’s natural repair processes replace those cells using stem cells.

Stem cells are a special type of cell that your body can turn into any type of cell – including vital neurons and other brain cells. Unfortunately, your body may not be able to produce enough stem cells to repair serious damage in the brain.

But with an infusion of high-potency stem cells, your body has more cells available to reduce inflammation, regenerate brain tissue, help heal from brain injuries, and to alleviate symptoms of TBI, CTE, and PTSD.

Image by Sam Moqadam

High-potency cells for more effective treatment

Our advanced protocols include a rigorous selection process to culture highly potent perinatal regenerative cells. These cells from Wharton’s Jelly in donated umbilical cords are carefully screened and purified to ensure you receive infusions of millions of high-quality cells with:

  • High levels of anti-inflammatory properties

  • Best potential to modulate your immune system

  • More potential to stimulate healing

The Signature Cells Process helps create high-potency cells that work more quickly and effectively to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and repair damaged tissues.

Stem-Cells (2).jpg

How cell therapy works

to treat TBI and CTE

Reducing neuroinflammation and creating an optimal environment for the brain to heal itself.


When cells in the brain or throughout the body die or become damaged, your body uses its natural repair processes to promote healing. But in cases of serious injury, your body may not have enough of the cells it needs to repair damaged tissue or control harmful neuroinflammation.

Research shows that perinatal regenerative cells can release growth factors that help the body promote healing and regenerate damaged cells. Studies also show that these cells can help reduce levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and increase levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines – to reduce overall inflammation throughout the body.

After an infusion of high-potency regenerative cells, your body has more cells available to regenerate tissues that can improve cognitive function and alleviate other symptoms of TBI and CTE.

New breakthroughs in regenerative medicine 

The latest research shows how cell treatment has the potential to relieve many symptoms of TBI and CTE  — including improving motor function and thinking processes to improve your quality of life.


Cell therapy infused with high-potency cells

A personalized cell therapy program  designed for you in consultation with our experts to achieve your unique goals and health needs 

Access to health, immunity, and performance experts


7-step treatment plan with high-potency cells

to help heal the brain, reduce neuroinflammation, reduce symptoms of TBI and CTE, and improve the quality of people’s lives - based on advanced technologies and new research


More accurate diagnosis, through a thorough clinical history and evaluation


Comprehensive testing, to evaluate hormone levels and blood biomarkers, plus food allergy testing to eliminate foods that may cause inflammation that can damage cells


An anti-inflammatory diet, plus immunity and cognitive-enhancing supplements and nutraceuticals 


Optimizing hormone levels that research shows can help reduce neuroinflammation


Cell therapy to promote healing of the brain and entire body, modulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, and regenerate cells


Support from a team of friends, family, colleagues, and mental health professionals 


Finding a renewed sense of purpose in life: a mission, meaningful work, goals worth pursuing 

*  This is not a one size fits all treatment plan, treatment protocols are personalized for each patient.


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Advanced cell therapy



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