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Chuck Liddell says shoulder and neck pain gone after cell therapy and symptoms of CTE reduced

“BioXcellerator cell therapy transformed my life.”
— Chuck Liddell, UFC Heavyweight Champion

Chuck knows that the difference between winning and losing in extreme sports like ultimate fighting and mixed martial arts often comes down to which fighter has the best skills and is in the best physical shape. 

Chuck was treated for CTE, chronic pain, back, knee and shoulder injuries and degeneration and health optimization.

Few competitive athletes would disagree. But Chuck’s retired now, after a 20-year career that included wrestling, ultimate fighting, and mixed martial arts. Also known as “The Ice Man,” he was inducted into both the UFC and MMA Halls of Fame, holds the record for the most knockouts in UFC’s light heavyweight division history, and successfully defended his UFC championship title four times.

But although Chuck doesn’t need to stay in shape to win matches any more, he knows that his successful career is exactly why he needs to take even better care of his body today. After all, years of injuries take their toll – and the lingering pain can endure long after retirement.

Perhaps an even more ominous health concern can be far more subtle – especially for fighters like Chuck who have sustained multiple blows to the head over many years. That’s because ongoing concussions can lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – physical brain injuries that can cause lingering mood disorders and physical disability.

“Sure, I’ve knocked out plenty of opponents over the years, but I’ve also taken my share of hard knocks on my head, too,” Chuck says. “And I want both my brain and my body to stay in top shape.”

Chuck’s wife Heidi said that CTE had left Chuck depressed – not even feeling up to working out at the gym. But after cell treatment he’s now just as motivated as ever.

He visited BioXcellerator for cell therapy— not once but twice — and he says these treatments now help him stay pain free, enhance overall health and well-being, improve his memory, and relieve other symptoms common to CTE.

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“This really changed everything”

“Before I wasn’t able to train or work out as hard as I can. It got to the point where I really couldn’t do much with my shoulders,” Chuck says, “I’ve seen some of the best doctors around and had access to some of the best treatments. But this is the one that really changed everything.”

"After fighting most of my life, I had nagging injuries and pain — my knees, shoulders, back, neck,” he explains. “After cell therapy, the pain in my shoulder has been dramatically reduced and my range of motion has improved 80%.”

Chuck credits these results to cell therapy that takes advantage of the body’s own natural repair processes and the high-potency stem cells available at BioXcellerator.

Less pain, more healing – plus improved immunity

As BioXcellerator CEO Eric Stoffers explains, “We treat many professional athletes, including NFL and NBA players, UFC fighters and many more.”

“Stem cell therapy works because cells have the ability to enhance immunity and promote healing by amplifying our body’s natural ability to fight disease, reduce inflammation, heal itself, and regenerate damaged tissues,” he adds. He also points out that advanced cell treatment can quickly relieve inflammation in the brain and body and alleviate symptoms of CTE.

Chuck Liddell and his family

After two cell treatments, Chuck looks forward to a future with a lot less pain and far more energy.

“I’m 50 now, my energy wasn’t what it was even just 5 years ago,” Chuck says. “Since treatment, my energy levels have increased noticeably. I feel great. I am back in the gym, training more fighters, doing more with my kids.”

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