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NFL player Mark May says back pain gone after cell therapy

Two-time Super Bowl Champion also reports improved cognitive ability and overall feeling of wellness

Mark May says that “it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders,” after receiving cell therapy at BioXcellerator. 

“It’s only been a day, but I feel better. My neck feels a lot better. And that’s only 24 hours,” he says. “I’m shockingly surprised about how well it’s gone so far.”

Mark received cell treatment to alleviate pain in his neck, back, and shoulders as well as to reduce inflammation and promote healing of brain tissue caused by chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). This is a condition many NFL players experience as a result from multiple repeated concussions over many years.

Mark was treated for CTE, chronic pain, neck, back, and shoulder injuries and health optimization.

As an offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins, Mark told a reporter in 2013 that he recalls dozens of practices and games where “you'd get dinged, you saw sparklers, you'd walk off the field woozy, they'd put one of those ammonia tablets under your nose, that cleared you up, and two series later, you were back in the game."

Yet Mark noted improvement the very first night after his treatment. He says that because he had suffered so much pain from injuries over his career, he generally slept poorly – tossing and turning – but the night after his treatment, “was the first night I slept in one place in many years.”

Relief from pain throughout the body

As an offensive linesman, Mark earned the nickname “May Day” during his college career because of the way he would “wreak havoc” on the defensive tackles of opposing teams. 
After joining the Washington Redskins, he was known as a key member of the team’s legendary “Hogs” offensive line and helped the team score two Super Bowl championships.

But injuries suffered during such a successful 13-season career left him in chronic pain – in his hips, knees, neck, shoulder, and lower back – in addition to symptoms of CTE. 

These injuries are why Mark decided to receive cell treatment at BioXcellerator.

Severe damage and multiple findings

According to BioXcellerator Chief Medical Officer Dr. Karolynn Halpert, Mark’s case was “complex with multiple findings” because Mark’s pain was the result of loss of joint structure and poor disc configuration in both his cervical and lumbar spine.


“Cell therapy represents the future of medicine because it’s based on the body’s natural repair processes – to balance the immune system, reduce inflammation, and regenerate damaged tissue,” Dr. Halpert explains.

She also says that BioXcellerator’s approach to treatment offer exceptional potential to promote healing and relieve pain because patients receive more potent stem cells and a higher quantity of cells than may be available at other clinics. She also points out that CTE can cause neuroinflammation that can make symptoms worse, but that stem cell therapy can quickly ease such inflammation even from injuries sustained many years before treatment.

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Even more improvement months later

Although Mark was certainly impressed just one day after his cell treatment, he reported significant and ongoing improvement in the months that followed. 

After one month he said, “My knees, my back, shoulders, my hips all feel better. I am back to swimming and working out.” Two months after treatment he posted this Twitter update: “My results keep improving and I’m feeling stronger each day!”

“I recommend it highly,” Mark says about cell therapy at BioXcellerator. “Anyone who’s a former athlete, or a current athlete who wants to recover should go. You don’t even have to be an athlete!”

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