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Signature Cells Process: High-potency cells for more effective treatment.

Super Bowl Champion Jim McMahon says he’s “feeling great” after cell therapy for CTE brain injury and body pain

BioXcellerator has given me my life back.”
— Jim McMahon, Former NFL Quarterback

As a quarterback with a record that includes the 1985 Super Bowl championship with the Chicago Bears, Jim retired from the NFL in 1997, yet still suffered from pain caused by many injuries sustained over his winning career.

Although many of those injuries were to his knees and other joints, a series of head injuries and concussions caused symptoms of a major brain injury – chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) that resulted in both severe pain and mood disorders so serious that he’d considered suicide.

As Jim told a Virginian-Pilot reporter in 2017, he was “living like a vegetable” with a memory so poor he sometimes couldn’t find his way home.

"My head hurt so bad that I would mostly stay in my room for months at a time," Jim explained. “Any kind of light hurt. I couldn't remember where I was, I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do. The pain was like somebody sticking ice picks in my head. If I'd owned a gun, I'd probably have committed suicide. I just wanted the pain to end."

But after treatment that included
stem cell therapy at BioXcellerator, he reports “feeling great.”

“I played for 15 years had 18 surgeries over my career in addition to plenty of serious blows to the head,” he adds. But after treatment he says, “the results are truly miraculous.”


Jim was treated for CTE, chronic pain, back, knee and shoulder injuries and degeneration and health optimization.

The “Full Monty”: 
More cells offer more potency and healing potential.

Jim’s treatment at BioXcellerator wasn’t his first experience with stem cells. He had cell treatment at a U.S. clinic but points out that at all U.S. clinics, “you can only get a certain amount of cells – and I wanted to get the ‘Full Monty’ as they say.” 

He’d heard about BioXcellerator from Jose Canseco’s girlfriend and decided to go outside the U.S. for treatment.

That’s exactly the reason many athletes and other patients visit our state-of-the-art clinic in Colombia. Based on 22 years of research, BioXcellerator’s proprietary protocols for harvesting and reproducing cells with high potency into infusions of millions of cells offer patients far more potential to promote healing, relieve pain, and regenerate damaged tissue.

According to BioXcellerator CEO Eric Stoffers.

“Cell therapy works for patients with brain injuries such as CTE because stem cells amplify the body’s natural ability to repair brain tissue and reduce harmful neuroinflammation that interferes with the healing process and can even make symptoms worse.”

“It’s also clear that therapy with more cells of much higher potency can makes treatment even more effective.” Eric Stoffers says.

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Relief from pain even months later – new hope for athletes and veterans

Cell therapy can work quickly – with excellent results even the next day after treatment, but many patients like Jim report even more improvement in the months and years ahead.

Seven months after treatment, just after playing for the 31st consecutive time at the American Century Championship Golf Tournament, he was interviewed again about his experience.

“Even 7 months after my treatment, I continue to improve. I have a lot more energy, vitality, and think a lot more clearly. I can even work out again and not be in pain the next day,” Jim says. “There are a lot of former football players who’ve suffered similar injuries, so I highly recommend stem cell therapy to all my buddies and other athletes.”

“And it’s not just athletes who can benefit,” Jim says. “There are many military veterans who’ve served our country with honor who come home with the same type of brain injuries. They also need new hope of being given their lives back, too – so I’m doing all I can to help them get first-class treatment at a first-class clinic like BioXcellerator.”

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