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How cell therapy helped this loving mom recover from traumatic brain injury she suffered in a car accident

Marvella Stewart who “constantly lived in a fog” says she now has a “new lease on life”

“I can’t even remember the last time I felt this good. I’m still astonished. I owe everything to BioXcellerator.”  Marvella Stewart

One morning in 2019, Marvella Stewart began her day as usual, taking care of her family along with her husband Jim. But that day her future instantly became an uncertain one after a tragic car accident left her with a traumatic brain injury so severe, she could not even remember recent events.

“I literally could not function,” Marvella says. “If I knew you, I couldn’t remember your name. When driving, I’d forget where I was going. Sometimes I didn’t know where I was. I was just constantly living in a fog.”

But she says that, “all of that just went away after cell therapy.”

Marvella Stewart was in a car accident that has created chronic pain and halted most of her daily lifestyle routines.

Her symptoms – chronic brain fog, headaches, fatigue, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound – are common after severe concussions. In many cases, victims are told by their physicians not to expect much improvement.

Now patients like Marvella – and many others with a traumatic brain injury (TBI)  – have a treatment option that offers new hope: advanced stem cell therapy with high-potency cells
 at BioXcellerator.

Promoting healing throughout the body and brain: 
Cell therapy “changed everything.”

Marvella was already familiar with stem cell therapy because the year before her accident she traveled with her husband, Jim Stewart, to BioXcellerator’s state-of-the-art clinic in Colombia. Jim decided to receive cell therapy to treat a degenerative disc disorder in his spine, a condition that had left him in chronic pain for more than a decade.

“The MRI tests showed that I had virtually no tissue left in one of my discs,” Jim explains. “One option was surgery to fuse my spine, but I’m too young for that. So the doctors at BioXcellerator injected cells. They mixed those cells with BioXgel
to provide immediate structure for the disc while my body used those stem cells to generate new disc tissue.”

“That changed everything,” Jim says. “Before my first visit to BioXcellerator, every day I got out of bed and for the first couple of hours suffered excruciating pain.”

He recalls that, “the first morning after treatment, I woke up and after standing up, I said to myself, ‘wait a minute what just happened? I don’t feel any pain!’ I was so ecstatic and excited that I literally started jumping up and down!”

Marvella was also impressed with such rapid improvement and says that after treatment, “This was the first time I’ve seen him able to be so active, and we’ve been married nine years.”

 “After seeing the benefits it gave my husband, I decided to try stem cell therapy,” she explains. “I was so desperate to get back to myself because we have a young family to care for.”

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“Zero pain” two days after treatment: 
“I don’t remember the last time I felt this good.”

“At first I didn’t see how treatment could help – especially after I had sought out the best specialists in my area,” Marvella says. “I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I tried to be as optimistic as I could.”

Marvella says her condition improved within two days after treatment.

“After the accident, I suffered from pain, of course, but I was also extremely sensitive to light and noise. The overstimulation would cause my brain to instantly inflame,” she explains.

“But two days after my procedure, I was down to zero pain. My brain was no longer foggy and I didn’t have to wear sunglasses or ear plugs,” she says. “I couldn’t even believe it was real. Now, two years later, I have a new lease on life. I can’t even remember the last time I felt this good. I’m still astonished. I owe everything to BioXcellerator.”

As for Jim, he still enjoys an active life without the pain he once suffered, pointing out that “I’m 50 now, but the ‘old me’ is back.”

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