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Signature Cells Process: High-potency cells for more effective treatment.


What happens inside the brain: 

How stem cell therapy and other treatments 
promote healing, reduce inflammation,
boost immunity and improve mental health

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Reducing neuroinflammation and maintaining hormone balance is essential to treating PTSD.

Military veterans, first responders and many others suffer from PTSD causing severe anxiety,  depression, and other mood disorders.

In many cases, PTSD is caused by exposure to acute stress and traumatic events such as natural disasters, a serious accident, combat experience, witnessing or being the victim of a violent crime, or serious injury. Even events from many years ago can result in PTSD. Traditional treatment options include psychotherapy, medications, or both.


In other cases, however, the same symptoms of PTSD can be triggered by a serious brain injury such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) or chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which occurs after a series of head injuries such as repeated concussions sustained over many years.

But whatever causes PTSD, this disorder can lead to increased inflammation in the body and the brain. Research reveals that neuroinflammation in the brain can make symptoms worse and prevent recovery. The good news is that as soon as inflammation is reduced, symptoms quickly subside.

"Stem cell therapy can help patients with PTSD because it promotes healing — amplifying our body’s natural ability to fight disease, reduce inflammation, and regenerate damaged tissues." 

— Eric Stoffers, CEO BioXcellerator

Research shows:

Many conditions co-occur with PTSD

A significant problem for military veterans

Possible hormone imbalances

•    Up to 75% of patients with TBI, which may be a cause of PTSD, lose critical pituitary hormone function after their injury

•    Loss of pituitary hormone function can cause an imbalance in hormones such as cortisol, DHEA, and others — an imbalance that can cause inflammation and poor immunity

•    Excess neuroinflammation can cause confusion, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, moodiness, angry outbursts, depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts

The danger of excess neuroinflammation

Although the way we think and feel may not seem to have any physical cause, all brain activity is based on intricate signaling pathways between neurons. So thoughts and moods are indeed based on complex biochemistry. Too much neuroinflammation creates chemical imbalances that interfere with normal brain function.

It’s clearer than ever that reducing harmful inflammation can quickly help alleviate the symptoms of PTSD.

It’s clearer than ever that reducing harmful inflammation is essential to treating PTSD.

Neuroinflammation can:

  • Trigger excess production of chemicals such as cytokines and chemokines that prevent signaling pathways between our neurons from functioning properly

  • Lead to the development of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions

  • Interfere with pituitary gland function that leads to hormone imbalances which can cause even more damage to the brain and other organs in the body

Advanced stem cell therapy as part of a multi-faceted treatment plan

to treat PTSD:

Whether the result of physical brain injury or exposure to psychological and emotional stress, stem cell therapy for PTSD with high-potency stem cells at BioXcellerator can:

Reduce neuroinflammation in the brain and inflammation throughout the body

Reduce the production of harmful chemicals that interfere with maintaining optimum hormone levels

Modulate the immune system to protect against disease

Promote more rapid healing of damaged neurons and other brain tissues

Boost overall energy and vitality

Improve cognitive ability and mood

“Our advanced therapy protocols focus on “healing the brain”– not just treating symptoms through psychotherapy and medications. BioXcellerator protocols have been designed to reduce neuroinflammation, rebalance hormone levels, and create an optimal environment for the brain to heal itself.”

— Eric Stoffers, CEO BioXcellerator

7-step treatment plan with high potency stem cells

to help heal the brain, reduce neuroinflammation, reduce symptoms of TBI, CTE and PTSD and improve the quality of people’s lives - based on advanced technologies and new research


More accurate diagnosis, through a thorough clinical history and evaluation


Comprehensive testing, to evaluate hormone levels and blood biomarkers plus, food allergy testing to eliminate foods that may cause inflammation that can damage cells


An anti-inflammatory diet, plus immunity and cognitive-enhancing supplements and nutraceuticals 


Optimizing hormone levels / hormone replacement therapy that research shows can help reduce neuroinflammation


Stem cell therapy to promote healing of the brain and entire body, modulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, and regenerate cells


Support from a team of friends, family, colleagues, and mental health professionals 


Finding a renewed sense of purpose in life: a mission, meaningful work, goals worth pursuing 

*  This is not a one size fits all treatment plan, treatment protocols are personalized for each patient.


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Dr. Mark Gordon’s research at Millennium Health Centers shows

  • More than 60% of patients respond to treatment in one to four weeks — with even more improvement in the months and years ahead

  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression, poor cognitive ability

  • Increased stamina, motivation, thought processes, outlook on life

  • Less need for prescription medications thanks to an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan and nutraceutical supplementation

These results make it clear that stem cell therapy as part of a multi-faceted treatment plan offers exceptional potential to treat PTSD, improve brain health and optimize overall health – even from traumatic events or from brain injuries sustained many years ago.

Data on the impact of brain injury are based on data published by Dr. Mark Gordon at


advanced stem cell therapy and following our multifaceted treatment plan for PTSD

>  Reduced symptoms of PTSD   

>  Less anxiety and depression

>  Improved cognitive ability, memory, and mood

>  More energy and vitality 

>  Enhanced immunity

>  Improved sleep  

A more active and vibrant life.





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